Spa Mover Testimonials

I work for Pool World in Spokane, WA. We ordered a spa sled from you awhile back. We have been moving spa's with it and it has been the best thing we have for tools when it comes to moving spa's. I never would have thought this to work out as well as it has for the places we have to get hot tubs. I recently have been using this more than the trailer we have because of it's ability to go places the cart can not. The spa sled is all out amazing when it comes to getting into tight places. sharp corners, and steps up or down. It protects the panels, and shell from scratches and damage as long as you plan your move. The strength it has when the wieght is on it is great, the straps hold, the padding is just right, and the plastic glids on all surfaces with ease. When going down steps it goes at your pace, not flying down like you think it would. All around I have to say this is the best tool I have when it comes to moving spa's in places my cart can not go. You can guarntee I will be getting 2 or more when this one goes bad. Thanks for making my job that much easier and more efficent for our customers. Also showing that we can make anything happen when our customers want there spa most places other companies would not try to go without a crane or other heavy tools to do the job, like a forklift. We just go up stairs, planks, ect. Spa Sled Mover is the tool of choice I will always make sure to have with me whether we need it or not.
Ryan Tatsey
Hello Steve,
We are a hot tub moving company in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We work with a number of stores, manufacturers, and private individuals to move every kind of spa, in all sorts of landscaped yards, and terrains. We purchased a spa sled from you at the beginning of this year, thinking we would probably use it in deliveries where there is minimal vertical clearance. What we found is that it is a great tool to have in our arsenal of equipment for moving spas. Not only is it perfect for low clearance issues, it works great for going down declines, steps, etc. as it helps control the spa much better than a dolly. It also allows us to go over multiple terrains, grass, gravel, snow, etc. without having to put plywood the entire path. We are now ordering a second sled for our other truck as we don't want to be at a delivery without one. Great product! Keep up the good work.
Dallas Thomas
Quickshot Logistics Ltd.
From: ********
Subject: RE: spa sled mover
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2009 08:10:58 -0500

Hello Mr. Weisbrod,
You have a fantastic product. It makes moving a spa, hot tub or anything else very heavy or bulky a real cinch!
Just 2 men can move incredible weight a long distance. The price is very fair too.
Thank you for your product and Good Luck.

Bless you too my brother.
From: l*******
Subject: Hey, Steve. Got the sled....
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2008 14:18:03 -0400

I'm just back to New York from Virginia, where I received your spa sled. I've gotta tell you the story...
My next door neighbor is an 80 years old widower---retired Admiral. He is very active and has several boats, etc...and KNOWS IT ALL, of course. He picked up the sled at the post office for me in our rural area of Virginia where our summer house arrived before my husband and I got down there!. By then, he had decided it would not work, and had called other retired military types in the neighborhood to move the spa (they all want to use the spa, so, are decided they should be involved in moving it!!!) They think cuz we're from New York City area that we're dumb--my husband is a lawyer--leave it at that!
Anyhow, I INSISTED we use the sled and nixed their other elaborate plans; they had cooked up ridiculous and complicated ideas....but, I was determined to use the sled. Remember too, that my spa is 700 pounds dry! I made them help me pick it up and put it on its side----they swore it would tip didn't. Then, it was perfectly on the sled. Nobody even wanted to try to push it, still clinging to their notion that it wouldn't work. I had to 'arrange' two men on the front and actually PUT THE HANDLES in their hands! I was on the back to push with another. It moved INSTANTLY over the grass! They couldn't believe it! Well, that required a whole new discussion about how it wouldn't go over the 2 inch concrete walkway. I insisted it would. They hemmed and hawed......talked and worried....I swear, it's a wonder we ever won a war! I said it is supposed to go over that with no problem.....hence, they called me Sarah Pallin, but gave it a pull and it slid right over the concrete lip with no effort. The hardest part was letting the spa back down, but we did, and everyone is in one piece--including the spa! In the end, they admitted that I was right and that it was a great invention!
So, thanks so much for the great spa mover. YOU MUST get in contact with UHAUL and tell them about it and most important that it will move other things as well as spas. It is a great invention....even the Admiral admitted it! He wanted to keep it at his house for others to use if they had something heavy!
Thanks again for getting it to me on time. I had only the one day to move the spa before I had to drive 8 hours back home, so, I'm sure glad it worked.
Lisa P.
Problem solvers - and on a Saturday !! Thanks to all !