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Spa Sled Mover

Price: $425.00
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The spa sled mover helps you easily move a spa, hot tub, refrigerator, furniture, big screen TV, wood stove, pellet stove, generator and other big, heavy stuff.

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Spa mover The spa mover can be rolled into a small compact bundle and easily stored. It is small enough for one person to carry. The mover can be stored in a car trunk or on a shelf in a service truck. When fully unrolled the mover measures 104 inches (8 feet 8 inches) long and 40 (3 feet 6 inches) wide. You can use the mover to pull a spa weighing up to 1000 pounds.

With this mover, spas can be moved across many different surfaces. See the

The spa mover is used to transport a DreamMaker X-400 spa across a dirt and gravel yard, downhill and up stairs onto a wood deck. Moving across this many variable surfaces would require several different kinds of equipment. Usually this kind of move would require wheeled carts, card board, and a lot more muscle. With the mover this spa can easily be moved from trailer to set spot with a minimum of effort and no additional equipment.

The spa / hot tub weighs 235 pounds and measures 5'6" by 6'4".

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We've used the mover to move:

The mover will help not only in avoiding injury, but protect the spa/hot tub and the property